Fused Glass Drop Vessel

$80.00 USD

Fun sculptural piece in striking cobalt blue with other shades of blue, green, yellow and mauve opalescent glass design accents. Signed by the artist.

These are called “drop" vessels because they are suspended above a hole inside the kiln and allowed to soften and bend through it, or drop, to create a shallow bowl shape. This colorful vessel and stand make a striking centerpiece for your dining or side table.

Signed by artist.

I am passionate about protecting the environment and employ sustainable practices whenever possible. I try to strike a responsible balance between protecting the glass and reducing waste. I use recycled shipping materials and 100% of the packaging you receive is recyclable including the tissue paper and zero-waste logo stickers!

Drop Vessel 9.25" in diameter and 1.25" depth
Stand 8" x 6"

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