My Life in St. Petersburg, FL

My work and life are inspired by intrinsic emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual connections to nature and creativity. I am passionate about sustainability and protecting the wildness of nature. I practice being in a deep relationship with the Earth.

I live in sunny St. Petersburg, FL with my husband, 7yo son and our orange cat, Mango. We are in the process of transforming our home and property into a sustainable sanctuary. So far we have installed a solar-integrated roof and rainwater harvesting system. We have also created transitional outdoor space for being in nature. Right now we are working on edible landscaping and learning the relationships of beekeeping.

Our future dreams include hydroponics, raising hens and worms, and doing what we can to create a retreat for wildlife and our community.  We envision our home and land as a safe haven for wildlife, creative expression, community ritual and environmental education.