The realm of creativity belongs to everyone. As human beings we have a deep need to express ourselves. It provides a way for us to creatively engage what is on the inside of us. It can be challenging to tap into our inner essence, articulate our feelings and gain a deeper understanding of our experiences.

Expressing ourselves visually or through gestures or words provides us with insight into our inner stuff. Creative expression gently allows what’s there to venture outside of us so that we can actually engage it with our senses - see it, hear it, touch it. It can be immensely profound, powerful and healing because it allows us to more fully integrate diverse aspects of our knowing and being in fluid and loving ways.

In the workshops I offer we are not interested in painting a masterpiece. We are trying to touch in with ourselves. It can be the simplest act of smudging some paint on paper with our finger and seeing how that makes us feel or what surfaces from within us.

Current Offerings

This workshop is hosted by Expressive Arts Florida Institute as part of their new Alumni Series. Please click the flyer to register or for more information. I look forward to seeing you soon!