About Me

Hi, I am Sunny Stewart.
I live in sunny St. Petersburg, FL with my amazing family. I am a fused glass artist and expressive arts facilitator. You can read more about both of these joys on my other pages.

My work and life are inspired by my subtropical climate. I love a vibrant color palette, botanicals and sea creatures. I am passionate about sustainability and protecting the wildness of nature. I practice being in a deep relationship with the Earth.

My husband and I are modifying the infrastructure of our home to create more sustainability. We are working on a solar roof, rainwater catchment, hydroponics and an edible yard. We have also created transitional outdoor space for being in nature. We are always in transition, but enjoy continual progress toward our goals. It’s a dream come true for us and we intend to share our unique property through garden and permaculture tours, various community events and eco-expressive art workshops.



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